Country Living Info

Following is a list of articles/blog posts with a lot of helpful information for you as you seek to get set up in the country. Enjoy!

For Garlic Lovers
What Not to do When Planting Comfrey
Lady Bug Warfare in the Orchard
Heirloom Seeds
Dealing with Peach Leaf Curl Naturally

Food Preservation:
Food Storage
Wheat Storage
Tips for Water Bath Canning
Solar Dehydrator

Natural Remedies:
Wet Cold Throat & Chest Compresses
Fomentation Treatment (Hot Compresses)
Dr. Mom’s Old Fashioned Medicine
How to Deal with Burns
Recipe for Rocket Fuel
Fungal Nail Recipe
Making Your Own Herbal Tea (and dealing with imbalanced hormones)

Heating With Wood:
Maintaining a Fire Extinguisher
Dealing with a Chimney Fire

Water Systems:
Examples of Independent Water Systems
Understanding the Gravity Principle In Dealing with Water

How to Measure Water Flow (or gallons per minute)
How to Measure the Vertical Fall of your Water Source
Water Pipes for Plumbing
Water Cisterns
Household Diaphragm Tanks (Bladder Tanks)
Developing a Springhead
Sanitizing Water for Drinking, Cooking, etc
Different Types of Pumps (Pitcher or Cistern Pumps; Gasoline Powered Water Pumps; Piston Pump; Booster Pumps; DC & AC Submersible Pumps)
Ram Pumps
Deep Well Hand PumpsWater Usage
Review of Shurflo 9300 Submersible Water Pump
Hot Water For Free, from the Wood Cook Stove! (Range Boiler System)

Renewable Energy Systems:
Why Renewable Energy?
Renewable Energy System Overview
Renewable Energy Definitions
Starting with the Basics
Grid Tie or Off Grid?
Choosing the Proper Back-up Generator
The Best Kept Secret in Renewable Energy (Batteries)
Fine Tuning Battery Charge Settings
Inverter Comparison: Magnum MS Series VS Outback VFX Series
Review of Our Magnum MS Series Inverter
Automatic Generator Start – To Use or Not to Use?