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Urban Danger Movie
An excellent project to educate people about the dangers of city life and teach how to go about getting out.

Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center & Training
A great way to discover ways to reclaim health and healing.

Medical Missionary Press
Great assortment of printed material on true education, agriculture, and other topics.

Turning The Hearts Ministry
Working for the salvation of families with a special burden for our Spanish speaking brethren.

Shepherd’s Call
Producing Christian music that abides by principle and exposing the dangers of media

Back To Enoch
Giving a wake-up call to the churches and sounding the Out of the Cities Message


Sustainable Preparedness
Lots of helpful information & resources for all kinds of practical questions and topics!

Home Power Magazine
Excellent magazine to help you learn about many aspects of alternative energy.

Berea Gardens
Excellent one week hands-on intensive classes on growing your own food year-round.

Sun Country Gardens
Lynn Hoag is a very experienced master gardener who offers excellent classes on practical gardening at your location.

Firehouse Stoves
An excellent source for outside wood furnaces and fire fighting equipment.

Stoves & More
The single best source for any amish-made airtight wood cook stoves. Also an excellent source for alternative energy & non-electric equipment and information.

Solar Biz
Excellent selection and very good prices on alternative energy equipment.

Backwoods Solar
Backwoods has some of the most knowledgeable staff in the alternative energy retailers market. Much good info on their website.


Enoch’s Outpost
Tremendous resource in searching for country/mountain property.

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