Brooklyn civic leader calls for enforcement of Sunday Blue Law


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Photo by Stefano Giovannini

A community leader is asking neighbors for help in his battle against restaurants that serve Sunday brunch outdoors before noon.

The community leader leading the charge in the War on Brunch is recruiting Greenpoint residents to tattle on restaurants that serve diners outdoors on Sundays before noon.
Community Board 1 public safety chairman Tom Burrows asked neighbors to join his fight and help monitor illegal brunching activity at a 94th Precinct council meeting in Greenpoint on Wednesday.
“If you see restaurants serving brunch on the sidewalk before noon, call 311!” said Burrows — who has come to play the role of General Patton in the escalating conflict. “I didn’t pass the law, but that’s the law.”
Department of Consumer Affairs inspectors — deployed after requests from CB1 members — began cracking down on restaurants that serve food and drink outdoors before noon on Sundays in violation of a rarely enforced city blue law that has prohibited the practice since 1971.