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The Contemporary Artisan’s Collection: From the Garden To the Table


        The Contemporary Artisan’s Collection is much more than a cookbook!  It was written by an avid gardener, baker, and innovative cook who has presented seminars on “The Year Round Home Grocery” at many locations across the U.S. since 2009. Using live demos she has also taught thousands how to preserve their own food and make delicious homemade bread! In this collection, you too can discover many of the modern artisan’s secrets for turning fresh local produce into scrumptious year round meals using both traditional and contemporary methods for food preparation and preservation.  The Contemporary Artisan’s Collection not only includes great recipes for garden fresh appetizers, soups, salads, breads, sandwiches, side dishes, main dishes, desserts ~ it also contains recipes, valuable resources and practical instructions for preserving fresh produce to extend the life of your garden! For More info: The Contemporary Artisan’s Collection







Like it or not, its a fact… life in urban areas is about to radically change due to developments most people are not aware of. Find out what the issues are and what YOU can do to not only survive but also thrive.  Urban Danger takes a common-sense look at our roots, finding practical solutions to problems we face today. You will meet many people from all walks of life who show you the common-sense preparations they are making for difficult times ahead, such as agriculture, renewable energy, independent water systems, wood cook stoves, etc.  And in the process, they have found a superior quality of life. They have found what “real living” is all about.

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Urban Danger


Genetic modification … depleted soil … nutritionally “empty” produce … chemicals … and the list goes on. The reasons for growing our own food are many, with the strongest incentive being the counsel given us over 100 years ago. We see the need, but how do we go about actually doing it?
Ever tried to garden but it just didn’t yield good results? Have you had some results but you know it could be much better? Still trying to figure out how to prune your fruit trees? Ever wanted to learn some of the science behind the garden–why one amendment works and another doesn’t?
In this presentation, Bob Jorgensen shares insights he has learned over many years from the Master gardener. Techniques to help you experience real success in growing a sustainable garden–one that will provide you and your family with the provisions you will need in the days ahead. It all starts with the soil…

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Fall Gardening & Fruit Culture 3 DVD Set


Utter dependence upon gigantic corporations…rampant malnutrition…extreme poverty from heavy debt. Just a few more reasons why we must be gaining an education in one of the most essential fields of knowledge–agriculture. This is the A, B, and C of true education.
Picking up where the Fall Gardening/Fruit Culture set leaves off, Bob Jergensen covers topics you will need to know as you prepare your garden for planting, plant your seeds, care for the plants as they grow, transplant plants, and more.
Field planting methods are covered for those who wish to implement a larger scale crop. And finally, step-by-step construction of a compost bin is demonstrated before covering the proper materials and methods of implementing a highly successful compost bin to turn your scraps into nutritious food for your garden…

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Spring Gardening 3 DVD Set


Fire can be dangerous. But it is also a great blessing. It can heat our homes, heat our water, and even cook our food–with complete independence from the systems! So why not learn how to harness the power of fire safely?
On this incredibly useful DVD, Fire Chief Walt Cross and Fire Lieutenant Walter Cross take you step by step through what can be done to not only prevent but also safely deal with a fire hazard on your country homestead.
Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, family preparedness plans, dealing with kitchen fires, propane, electrical fires, fighting a house fire safely, wildland fire know-how, and much more are all covered on this action packed presentation.
To learn more and watch a preview click here: Dealing With Fire


Ever wondered if there is a better way to plant your fruit trees? Wonder no more. Master gardener Lynn Hoag demonstrates, step-by-step, a tried and true method that has yielded bountiful results.
Is this method Lynn’s personal secret? Find out how this invaluable piece of knowledge was given to us over 100 years ago straight from the great Master Gardener Himself, God.
Is it more work than the conventional method? Probably. Is it worth it? Judge for yourself when Lynn shows a real-life example of trees planted using two very different methods. One is man’s devising. The other is from God.
Take your pick. The proof is in the fruit!

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Planting By the Blueprint


A spring fed gravity flow water system is the ultimate when it comes to a reliable, independent water system. While not everyone is blessed with such a treasure, those who do have a year-round springhead on their property should seriously consider tapping into it as their water source.
But how does one go about doing this? How can the real source of the water be found? How can the water be captured? How can the spring be protected from contaminated run-off water? The answer to these questions and more are demonstrated in this DVD as Bob Jorgensen develops an actual spring from start to finish using a simple, yet effective, time-proven method.

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Springhead Development


In this eminently practical DVD, Bob Jorgensen demonstrates a wide variety of tools that may be just plain useful on a country homestead.
It is quite possible that you didn’t even know what many of these tools are used for, or you may not have even known they existed.  In fact, we think you have probably never seen such an assortment of tools, old-fashioned and newer, in one place!
While some power tools are exhibited, the thrust of this DVD is to demonstrate the hand tools that may be used if one is unable to obtain fuel or electricity.

To learn more and watch a preview click here: Tools


Independence, versatility, simplicity…and the list of adjectives goes on for this inanimate object that quickly becomes the hub of your home. With this one tool, you can heat your house, heat your water, cook your food, and preserve your food. All this–with just one fire. This is versatility at its finest. But unfortunately, using a wood stove has become a lost art…almost.
Daniel & Susan Fenoff left the city to gain the blessings of a simpler life. Drawn to the family-oriented lifestyle of the Plain People, they spent over two years living among them and learning the practical skills of yesteryear. During that time, they gained an entirely new respect for the role of the wood cook stove and learned to evaluate their features….
In this presentation, you will learn about the anatomy of wood cook stoves, how to choose the proper wood. Cooking and baking, canning, drying, setting up the stove, and essential maintenance are all covered.
To learn more and watch a preview click here: Wood Cook Stoves


This concise but thorough DVD & book combo is a must-have for anyone serious about natural remedies and health. For centuries, many people have dealt with their own health issues by necessity or choice.  Simple methods that were easily mastered made it possible for non-professionals to deal with these issues when help was unavailable.
In recent years, there has been a growing interest in many of these simple home remedies.  Concern about health preparedness during disasters as well as an explosion in natural methods of treatment have fueled this movement.
Hydrotherapy, sometimes called water therapy, was one of the simplest, least expensive and most effective areas of treatment  used by those of  yester-year.  Now you have the opportunity to learn how it’s done!

To learn more and watch a preview click here: The Lost Art of Natural Remedies: Hydrotherapy


Many feel that “preparedness” is a good thing.  They store gallon jugs of water, stock their pantry with canned food, buy a generator and gas cans, invest in a few gold or silver coins.  But what if the issues we face are more than a short-term problem?  more than just a few days of interruption…
Wouldn’t it be nice to live a lifestyle with Sustainable Preparedness already built in?  One that combines peace of mind with a superior quality of life?  A simpler lifestyle that places priority on the most important things?  It is within the grasp of anyone…even you.  Learn how to do it in this book…

To learn more click here: Sustainable Preparedness Book


A combo set of all the DVDs and books listed below – bundled together at an incredible discount! Purchased individually, the cost would be $206+.


To learn more click here: Combo of All DVD’s & Books (doesn’t include the cookbook)